Lil, she/her, 20+, demi/bi

MDZS with a sprinkling of other MXTXI typically write Wangxian and general on AO3 and TwitterI’m also a co-podcaster on FangirlPhDMy writing will include a variety of t/b and d/s dynamics; some AUs will not have canon-compliant t/b dynamics, some willI will often talk about kink and nsfw on my Twitter

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My fandom philosophy: I’m here to spread joy and positivity and I try to be encouraging and kind! Write anything as long as you tag, and if you don’t like, don’t read!I do not tolerate any homophobia, biphobia, acephobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, orientalism, etc.FUB FREE: feel free to block or unfollow; I will likely do the same if your content makes me uncomfortable! Curate your space!I am not interested in judging anyone for characters, tropes, kinks, pairing, t/b or d/s dynamics that they prefer to read, write, or draw. I write a variety of t/b and d/s dynamics, sometimes complying with canon dynamics and sometimes not, depending on the au.

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Minors DNI: my Twitter is 18+. Feel free to interact otherwise! I am a friendly beanAs much as I love sharing cultural/language knowledge as a diaspora fan, I do not respond to unsolicited translation questions directed to me on my TL or in my DMs. These messages often feel very tokenizing to me. Thank you for understanding.Squicks/no-gos for me: incest, pedophilia, non-con

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